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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 20, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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again, thank you for watching us tonight. please always remember that the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. hawelcome to "hannity." a deal struck between two united states senators and the gang of eight on a border security amendment. i will ask a couple outspoke n senator s what they think. as we reported last night, conservatives on capitol hill held a news conference yesterday, slamming the senate's current immigration bill for not adequately addressing america's porous borders, and bob corker and john hoeven campered out a board surge agreement. here are the details. the amendment would add an additional $30 billion to the
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existing bill, double the number of agents on the u.s./mexico border, bringing the total to more than 40,000, e-verify fully implemented as would the entry/exit visa tracking system in addition, funding for 700 mile border fence and aerial drone system would also be included. the deal was discussed, believing it added tremendous momentum to the bill. >> if anybody on either side of the aisle had any concerns whatsoever about the border being secure, if you look at the provisions in the amendment, you can see if that has been their issue, certainly securing the border should not be an issue if this amendment passes. i don't think based on the conversation we've had with many of our colleagues, that if this amendment can pass, it will add tremendous momentum to the bill. >> some senators and members of the media are hailing the agreement as major break threw
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on immigration reform, many lawmakers on capitol hill who have severe reservations over the gang of 8. immigrati steve king of iowa, and louis gomer of texas. welcome back. five amendments rejected this week. those would have had border security first and legalization second. this one has legalization first. will this fly in the house? >> i don't know if it will fly with others in the house, but i think it's absurd. the thing, we've done this going back to '86. the president right now has the money, the man power, everything he needs to secure the border, he doesn't have the will.
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and i don't know if my friend, steve king, has been sensitive enough to feel the love and affection coming from democratic friends. as i understand this -- this amendment they are talking about, sean, was drafted with tremendous help from our friends like chuck schumer and others and even the president. they care so deeply about republicans, they tell us, if you really want to help your party, get this amnesty and trust us. we'll secure the board, get really tough, we promise this time. and i'm sorry, with all of the love and affection flowing, we have an obligation not to buy into it. >> congressman king, any confidence that if there is legal inflation firs legali sfwlnch a tn
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legalization first. >> in '86 it was the prorms mis enforcement. we passed a secure fence act. it was never built, it was junior mined afterward. the only way you can trust these people if they secure the border, no legalization until the board is secure and then let's start talks on something else. >> there we go. >> they are not serious, they want undermine the rule of law and anything that legalizes is a path to citizenship, which is, of course, amnesty. >> congressman gomer, isn't it the law of the land from the 2006 right now? that we are supposed to build the fence, or has that been changed? >> that's exactly right. you may remember a couple of years ago or so secretary napolitano was unilaterally canceling the law passed by the congress, wasn't going to build
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the fence. i would trust my friend steve king over all of the love and affection flowing from democrats, trying to help the republican party, but the fact is, we love this country and know we need a secure border. the president can do it right now, and we are going to past one bill now and says resolve, the house will do nothing in the president finally secured the border, as verified by homeland security. wouldn't trust them now either, but by the four border governors. >> what is likely congressman king to pass in the house? border security first? >> it's possible. something like that could come through the house. a move through the judiciary committee to tighten up interior security and we know that the homeland security committee has passed a border security bill. i don't think it does much of anything, not particularly impressed with that one, but we've got a long ways to go here yet and it will happen relatively fast. the house won't milwaukee a huge
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mistake this month. the senate may make a huge mistake next week. the senate is proposing $30 billion more into the southern border for security by doubling the boots on the ground. that's $20,000 more border patrol agents to keep the math straight. today, we're spending over $6 million a mile on every mile of the southern border. cost $4 million to build a new interstate through iowa cornfields, which are pretty expensive these days. if we can build an interstate for $4 million a mile, why can't we secure the border for $6 million a mile. we could have it all done on the budget we have, and stupid, inanimate fence does not have prosecutorial discretion or not. it will work whether the administration says not to detain or let them detain. >> go ahead. >> the problem is, not that speaker boehner is not promised
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us he won't bring the bill to the floor unless it has a majority of republican support. he has promised that. and i believe he'll keep the promise. the problem is, he still refuses to say he will not bring a conference report to the floor without a majority of republican support and that's the problem. this is a great bill, but if we pass it through the house that would be a vehicle for conference committee and then it comes, and then the democrats vote it through with 30 or so republicans. >> the fear of conservatives is they will pass the bill in the senate, the house will pass border security first bill, and they'll go into conference and that the -- the democrats in the house with a few republicans will pass the more senate oriented bill. is that a fear? >> i would say, sean, that's exactly it. and we raised this alarm now for a month and a half about that procedure. now this is step one.
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speaker boehner made a solid pledge not to bring a bill to the floor that doesn't have the support of the conference. how about this commitment? secure the border before anything comes up in the house and we'll take up the topic and deal with it. if we did done that in 2006, we wouldn't be here having that conversation today. >> jonathan strong asked the speaker, promise not to bring a conference report to the bill without republican majority support, and he said we'll have to see about that. wouldn't make the promise. >> and the conference report bill, dana rohrabacher, a stern warning, might be some people challenging the speakership. would either of you do that? >> sean, i don't know. oh, yeah, i nominated newt gingrich in november and voted for alan west in january. maybe i would consider something like that. >> congressman king? >> sean, my plan is to block am
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nie amnesty and i don't have aspirations other than that to serve my country and defend the constitution. president obama compare catholic schools to slavery, the civil war to segregation? that controversial analogy sparking outrage around the world when we return with ann coulter. here in studio to respond. as always, select tonight's video of the day. option number one. a hunter face to face with a huge black bear. if you want to see how this all ends, we'll tell you, he was ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone has the ability to do something amazing. ♪
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>> like moving. >> now, i don't off the qen yot the "new york times" into is about obama getting an interview. i was a little jakarta street
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kid he said. he once got in trouble for making faces during koran study classes but mr. obama recalled opening lines of arabic call to prayer reciting nem a first-rate accent. quote, it will give alabama voters heart attacks he described the call to prayer one of the preftyest sounds on earth at sunset. he twont a muslim school. so is that segregated?. >> excellent point. all of those school children parly if they're, if they did not complete the school and have no education no, schools they'll be let in under teddy ken ned ease act where as the irish children if they get
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educated and become a doctor they will not get in under the immigration law. and look. this isn't a done deal now. i think a lot of people are being led into come place yensy saying this is going to pass and become law. calls are coming in and they're all on one side of the issue. i didn't hear everything my favorite congressman said in the prior segment, he's been leading the way on this. but i hope it is and want no house bill if they pass just a house bill you'll go into conference and i'm sorry but idiots like paul ryan will vote for you. and you know there are other it's strange whenever
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republicans are pushing liberal ideas they start engaging in liberal argument taigs techniques coming up with silly arguments. witness bsz well, okay. thousands of murderers do not get caught every year. should we grant them amnesty? how about people that don't pay their taxes? >> znlt america have the right to be a sovereign country? why is that controversial and why don't do you that first? >> no. it's going to take a while to have it done. a fence isn't that complicated the fact that the fence not being 100% built, shows they're not serious. the only reason democrats want this is because it will help
9:19 pm
them electorally. the idiot argument that somehow hispanic that's live here goring to hate republicans more, look, every poll taken not only 30 million new illegals every poll says 80% of them are going to be voted for democrats if we don't give them amnesty they can't punish republicans so we're talking about 70% of 8.4 already of hispanic voters only and the argument is that they're gooding to dislike republicans more than not voting for us now. >> doub do you know what i don't understand? its like republicans are suckers and i don't trust the government. every time there is a talk of a tax increase and spending cuts you get the amnesty.
9:20 pm
never the border control. >> that is why patriotic house members position has got to be until the senate is in republican hands, prefr bli rubio-free, sorry, as you should know john boehner wants to pass amnesty because his idiot consultants are telling him it's going to be great for republicans having 30 million voter who's will never vote for a republican but like this amendment in the senate today, it's an utter fig leaf to pretend this is going secure the border. this is more government workers, more pensions. it doesn't shore up the border to allow republicans that don't want them to punish them. >> good to see you thank you. >> coming up next attorney general says they felt morris was spying on james rosen now
9:21 pm
says the investigation was quote, appropriate. really? responding to eric holder's bizarre flip and flop. then, later tonight... >> a lot of the problem is the use of the teleprompters. it's usual dramatic wind up is something. >> classic edition of media mash later tonight with a mountain of new material and you get to vote for the video of the day. you're looking at choice number two. a well dressed attorney mixes it up on the streets of l.a. we may have my favorite radio caller here tonight. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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with regard to the potential prosecution of the press for nondno disclosure of material, i have never heard of that. >> almost a month of back and forth with republicans, holder responded to their request of further explanation of that testimony. the chief law enforcement officer wrote a new letter maintaining he didn't lie underoath, despite the fact that we know he personally authorized the spying on fox news' james rosen. the letter reads in part, i do believe that a thorough investigation of the disclosure of classified information that threatened national security was necessary and appropriate. now the attorney general thinks it was necessary and appropriate, only three weeks after he told the world that he felt "remorse." pretty interesting. here with reaction, tv, radio talk show host, billy cunningham and fox news contributor, tamara
9:27 pm
holder. not something he was involved in, but he signed the affidavit and said it was necessary and appropriate. is that contra ductry? >> no. it was contradictory for someone who doesn't understand the law like yourself, sean. >> cunningham is an attorney. tonal jen for state of ohio, you are jisudicially challenged andp with of the stooges of the left that will criminal behavior, you suffer from bob beckelites, and a condition of liberalism that caused people like eric holder. call for the petition of the chief law enforcement officer in this country. you refuse to do what's right. >> i hope when you speak to a judge, you don't point your finger in someone's face. i'm telling you to shut up.
9:28 pm
>> know your role and shut your mouth. >> my role as a woman. >> not something i've been involved in he signed the affidavit, said it was necessary and appropriate. somehow that not contradictory? >> the issue is whether or not they were after mr. rosen. just because he's looking into the criminal conduct of what occurred, does not mean he's going after -- >> he told the judge -- wait a minute, didn't he tell the judge. >> sign many affidavits as an ag of ohio, you sign an affidavit -- when he signed it on the search warrant, he criminalized journalism. he said james rosen is part of a criminal conspiracy. >> cocoon spirracy. >> criminal conspiracy, a federal felony. holder accused rosen of a felony, now he's backing off. >> he is looking for information to determine whether or not he is. now, i do absolutely disagree with the fact that that statement he was a possible
9:29 pm
co-conspirator should have been in there, and the attorney general has a lot of explaining to do, why he used that language, because really this investigation, which the republicans have been very forceful on wanting to know where these leaks come from, why nobody has been prosecuted, back in 2012 mark smith, a republican, he is the one that said the justice department has not taken the initiative to -- on national security. >> if you sign a false affidavit, are you lawyer enough to know that's perjury. >> he simply made a mistake. >> a big mistake. >> by saying the person could be a co-conspirator. he wasn't lying about what was inside the affidavit. >> he signed a false affidavit and he knows it. >> it was an error. and he accepted it. >> an error? pete rose made an error when he bet on baseball and lied to a federal judge.
9:30 pm
and clinton made an error when he had oral sex in the oval office. and eric holder made an error. >> get your finger out of my face. >> you know exactly what i'm talking about. >> let me jump in not the first time that operation fast and furious, under oath, just heard about it in recent weeks and documents showed and proves that he knew about it ten months earlier. did he lie under oath that time? >> he is tom hagan to the godfather, and everyone is acting. and like the piano player in the horror house, not knowing what's going on the section floor. let's face it tamara. he is a stooge man for the radical left. >> what is your obsession with stooges. aren't they like little elves. >> i'm sitting next to you, and you are a liberal stooge and
9:31 pm
excuse monger for the obama administration. >> never mind that. >> are you going to cry? >> no, i'm not going to cry. >> let me jump in. when he testified that he only learned about fast and furious, just in the last few weeks, and then documents proved that he knew about it nearly a year earlier, isn't that lying junior oath? >> it depends on the extent to which he knew something. i think he's being very careful. >> he knew it, his fingerprints on it. he knew all about it. >> he didn't know the extent of it. he wasn't involved and through the course of -- >> he went back and admitted -- but only after he got caught. >> no, i think he didn't realize the severity of it. just like -- okay. just like in this situation, are you looking at me like i'm crazy. i am not crazy. i am not crazy. it was an error. >> you won't look at me anymore. >> he identified rosen as a possible co-conspirator, and i
9:32 pm
think that's wrong. he shouldn't have said that, because clearly that is -- >> he lied about it. >> that's not a lie, you know, we made a mistake, we're not looking to turn him into a co-conspirator. all of these investigations, how do we get the information to fin out who is responsible for the leaks? >> ho affidavits to a federal court? >> i haven't signed any false affidavits. >> shake hands and make friends. >> i don't shake hands with trolls. >> oh! >> up next, media mash. we'll get control of the show when we get back and a new law threatens to blind fold members of the nypd from banning police officers by identifying suspects by race, age, and other factors.
9:33 pm
and we hope velma will make it for the time of the end of the show. logon to and join us on choice number three. a while high-speed chase came to an abrupt end in iowa. who walks out of the driver's side door. police were stunned. tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern, part two, alive, conservative, black conservative audience will do what the media won't do. we'll talk to people about
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welcome back to "hannity ow ". time for media mash. time for the ways that the liberal media puts its spin on the news.
9:38 pm
joining us is mr. brent bozell. >> how are we doing tonight? >> thrill up his leg. chris matthews has an excuse for obama's lackluster speech in berlin. this is classic. >> i think a lot of problem he had today was the late afternoon sun in berlin i think use ruined his use of the teleprompter, so his usual dramatic windup was ruined. >> the way this was all put together, this incredible setting, this incredible back drop and that very distracting glass. you could see the president wasn't feeding off the crowd, part of the was hot, those folks out there 2 1/2 hours, trust me. i was there along there with them. it can sap your energy, and i wonfer that added to this. >> sun in his eyes, got in the way. you can't make this up, you really can't. your reaction?
9:39 pm
>> it's pathetic. giving a speech at the brandenburg gate is akin to the rose garden or super bowl. you book it, you better bring it. this time, only 5,000 people showed up. a lousy speech. he was flat. what do we known we listen to those wizards at msnbc, we know the sun distracted him. people were too hot and tired to feed off his energy, we know the glass distracted him. why don't they say he gave a lousy speech? >> i can't answer those questions. all right. let's stay with nbc news for a section. the irs admitted they targeted tea party groups, they admitted it. >> isn't the irs unit that looked at these groups, isn't it their job to assess whether
9:40 pm
these groups should get a tax exemption. weren't they investigating. >> why did the president dismiss the head of the irs? >> politics. >> i really don't think. >> he dismissed ahead of the irs because the irs admitted they targeted conservatives. >> to me, the real scandal here, we have groups seeking tax exemption that are handing out romney campaign literature. whether i should be subsidizing them with my tax dollars, that's the real scandal many. >> the irs admits they did it, but they say the irs wasn't targeted. >> fact. numerous people associated with this investigation from the irs
9:41 pm
have all acknowledged there was wrong dog. fact, the head of the office overseeing all of this took the fifth than testify before congress. conclusion. this reporter who says nothing was wrong is flat out lying. >> let's go to cbs. our good friend scott pelley that obviously doesn't add up numbers and forgot he got beaten on some of the big debate nights over at cbs. but a network reporter actually comparing the iranian theocrats to the tea party. >> haas man rowhani, is he in the mold of ahmadinejad? >> in u.s. terms, it was as if all the candidates for the presidency came from the tea party. >> this guy is a radical's radical?
9:42 pm
>> these liberals, i am so sick and tired them. preaching them to get away from the politics of personal destruction. this is politics of character assassination. the tea party at its essence believes in freedom with a moment that at its epicenter is to totalitari totalitarianism. >> we have the bloomberg nanny state about salt and sodas, et cetera, et cetera, you can't have anything that's good and that you like. because the nanny state will take care of you. but now bloomberg's latest plan is for composting, required by government. but they love it. >> new york's mayor michael bloomberg, less than a year in office. wants to try something else. he want new yorkers to start separating food items from garbage for composting. put your food scraps in a
9:43 pm
container about the size of a picnic basket in your home, hold them a few days and then put them in a larger disposal items or containers out on the sidewalk. >> i think it's a great idea. >> i mean honestly -- >> good for the environment. composting, i've done it in the past. it's good. >> other cities have tried this with great success. >> eight rats in new york for every one person. that's going to attract rats. not a good idea. >> i've done this in the past. i've done this in the past. look, do you think al roker separate his food from the garbage for composting? do you think savannah guthrie does it, that natalie morales does it? do you think laer does it? no. they have servants. this little fascist has to go. he is treating everybody like a
9:44 pm
staff. but matt lauer does it because his servants do it. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you, sean. lawmakers in new york city want to make it illegal to identify suspects by race, age, and gender. we have a former nypd detective in studio to debate mike meyers. you know throughout history, folks have suffered from frequent heartburn. but getting heartburn and then treating day after day is a thing of the past. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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welcome back to "hannity." police unions are outraged about a piece of legislation that they say will prevent them from doing
9:49 pm
their job effectively. the act would prohibit officers from identifying a suspect's race, gender, disability, and it goes on. this ad was in "the new york post" asking how effective is a police officer on with a blind fold on? beau deedle and michael meyers join me. isn't that the most basic things you ask, is the suspect, like in the case of zimmerman, white, black, hispanic, tall, what is he wearing, what kin of car they are in? >> let me go first. i'm part of the ad by the police, it's a cheap shot and cheap rhetoric. it is not the case. if somebody is a witness and comes up to a police officer and said a guy just robbed me, hispanic, young, wearing a white t-shirt, and has blue jeans on,
9:50 pm
the police officer can act on that tip. more over, that doesn't really help. when you talk about bringing it home and looking for usual suspects, my analogy is like the tea party. the tea party and conservative groups do not want to be singled out for special scrutiny, simply because of their group. >> let's say somebody commits a carjacking and they say the guy looked like bin laden, a tall guy. >> be on the lookout is one thing. but the person i just described, that's half of washington heights. the bill is defined here. >> have you read the bill? >> it's an act where you cannot give the gender, the height, the weight, male, black, hispanic. >> have you read the bill? answer yes or no! >> two white guys robbing a chinese restaurant. let me finish.
9:51 pm
>> have you read the bill. >> already had one big fight tonight. >> i was a cop, detective, up in your neighborhood, serving the black community in harlem. if two white guys robbing a chinese restaurant, and i would issue an all-point bulletin that be on the lookout for two white men in a car with north carolina plates. >> i don't live in harlem, but i grew up in harlem. i know a thug is a thug, black or white. >> what, do we come from another planet? i'm supposed to say it's a
9:52 pm
homosap yen on the corner? >> is that george zimmerman? he was white. >> how about the boston marathon bombers, what color were they? a big debate about their color? >> you never answer the question on whether or not you read the bill. if you read the bill -- >> did you work as a policeman ever, michael? i worked in your community. >>i it's not my community. >> you used to live there. >> let not be trouble. your choice of the video of the day. velma just made it. one of my favorite radio callers with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward
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>> holy [ bleep ]! >> all right. that was the ending. so happy, she finally got here. one of my favorite calls to my radio show, velma. what happened? you missed your plane? >> i am so sorry. i cannot apologize enough. i am so sorry. >> glad you made it. got there late? >> we got there, and then, sean, it's so much happened.
9:58 pm
i left my boarding pass, then the lady found me, got to the checkin, didn't have the boarding pass, so i had to go back and the lady came and found me, gave me my boarding pass. then, sean, i lost my luggage, i'm sorry, people. i'm jet lagged. bought a brand new dress, paid $87 for it, and i can't wear it, and these are my boys. >> anthony and marcel. look on the tv, say hi. >> hi. >> now, these are my adopted nephews, we met on the radio, and you call and you always yell when you call in. >> that's true. >> why? >> you know, because of president obama, that you called the anointed one. >> that guy. >> he is, that guy? tonight are you going to say president obama. >> the anointed one. >> president obama. >> the anointed one. >> my gosh, i cannot win. >> so we became friends over the radio, and i got to know your
9:59 pm
kids, and i adopted them as nephews. who gives you the best presents, uncle sean, right? >> yes. >> and you like the xbox i got you. and you are going to see the yankees this weekend? >> yes. >> all right. >> what do you say to your mom after you got off the phone with my bus -- >> uncle sean, wait. you didn't give me a bus. you gave me a truck or car. >> i'm sorry. i'll fix that. >> you were trying to help your dad and put water in the lawn mower. >> not me. >> me. >> wait a minute, i had to get him out of jail, because you were punishing him and he was just trying to help his dad. >> he was in time-out, a. >> and i got him out. >> and you wonder why my husband --
10:00 pm
>> doesn't like me. >> don't say that, my kids think you love him. >> you still love obama even everything is a mess. >> sean, the irs thing, they couldn't tie that to president obama. >> we're out of time. velma, you came late. >> i'm sorry. >> thank you for being with us. tonight, is the party over for the irs? the tea party has had enough. >> i'm ready to shut the irs down. i'm all for abolishing the irs and doing something different. >> so far from being solved. >> it's insane what's happening in the country. >> i don't think they deserve any bonuses, i think they should all be fired. we should abolish the irs, it's not a fair system. >> you should only be eligible for a bonus if you significantly exceed expectations. >> a few weeks ago, congressman elijah cumming


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